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SKU: 201501

Papaya Spears Organic

Naturally sweet and fruity in flavour, papaya spears are chewy and tender in texture. Add diced pieces to your granola or muesli blend.

Mix some diced papaya through muesli bars, raw food treats, cakes or muffins.Dip half of each slice of dried papaya in melted carob, chocolate or yogurt buttons to create a special treat or cake decoration.

Soak dried papaya in a little warm fruit juice or water to soften before adding to smoothies. Puree to make a topping for yogurt, ice cream sundaes or puddings. Gently stew pre-soaked slices for an irresistible compote or dessert recipes.
Organic papaya.
No Known Allergens.

All our products may contain traces of allergens due to cross contamination.
Storage Shelf Life
Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Country of Origin
Sri Lanka
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